Whistle while we work!

25 Apr

We are very excited here at Strumpet HQ as we were shooting pieces from our new ready to wear collection today (no bank holiday for us gals!)  To get us in the mood we put together a playlist for our gramaphone…here’s what we were listening to:

1. Sweet disposition – The Temper Trap (beautiful pop)

2. Heart of Glass – Blondie (the effortlessly glam Deborah Harry)

3. Ooh la la – Goldfraap (superb hair, Alison)

4. I’ve seen this face before – Grace Jones (terrifying glamazon that she is)

5. Love is the drug – Roxy Music (is there a man on earth more suave than Mr Ferry?)

6. High Fidelity – Kids from fame (Miss Kitty’s karaoke song)

7. Wuthering Heights – Kate Bush (Miss Wanda’s karaoke classic and more great hair)

8. Je Taime – Serge Gainsburg & Jane Birkin (a naughty French delight)

9. Wicked game – Chris Isaak (gorgeously quiffed in the video)

10. Une very stylish fille – Dimitri from Paris (How do I look? Very good!)

11. Summer Fling – k.d. Lang (summery girly romance)

12. Walking on a dream – Empire of the Sun (perfect pop)

13. Slave to love – RoisinMurphy (fantastic take on a classic)

14. Zero – Yeah Yeah Yeahs (amazing bangs, Karen)

15. Born this way – Lady Ga-Ga (a not terribly guilty pleasure)

16. Copacobana – Barry Manilow (a terribly guilty pleasure)

17. The Model – Kraftwerk (we had to, didn’t we?)

18. Twiggy Twiggy – Pizzicato Five (we had to, didn’t we?)

19. Alexanders ragtime band – The Andrews Sisters (we are not worthy)

20. Panic – The Puppini Sisters (the new pretenders)

21. There’s no business like show business – Ethel Merman (not really, we just wanted to include Ethel Merman)

Not necessarily in that order…we shuffled!  Beautiful Tara Nowy was, once again, top Strumpet and we were abley assisted by Miss Fiona on make up and Miss Ariana on Hair.  We cannot wait to let you see the results but our photographer Paul Marr is so busy that it might be a couple of weeks!

2 Responses to “Whistle while we work!”

  1. Tess Bradley April 27, 2011 at 6:41 pm #

    Miss Wanda doing Wuthering Heights on the karaoke? I do so love it when life offers me a shiny, new treat to look forward to…..

  2. kitty & wanda April 27, 2011 at 10:06 pm #

    Next time we are hitting the karaoke bar we’ll be sure to let you know!

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