What news from Strumpet Towers?

28 Jun

Well…we have been very busy bees here at Strumpet HQ of late what with liasing with Brides-to-be…making lots of brand new tiny hats and collars (or shop is now full of loveliness!)…conducting experiments in the name of vintage fashion (more of that later!)…sourcing gorgeous new vintage fabrics…that we haven’t been blogging at all! So we are going to be good girls this coming July and let you all know more of what is going on in Strumpetland (oh, that there was such a place!) and what Misses Von Wink and DuBois are up to.

In the meantime we are delighted to have been featured today on one of our favourite bridal blogs Love My Dress.  It is stuffed full of beautiful ideas and stories that will inspire all brides-to-be. Once again we find ourselves looking wistfully at our own wedding albums and wishing we could do it all again (but still with the same husbands, of course!) There are lots of really well written pieces on all sorts of bridal and relationship related topics as well as oodles of beautiful photography.

We are also very muchly looking forward to this years Edinburgh Festival Fringe. There seem to be lots of fun, vintage themed shows for us to attend and we can’t wait! We’re making a pair of identical hats to wear to one show…we can’t tell you which until we buy our tickets – we don’t want it to sell out too soon!

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