Vintage glamour experiment 1.

12 Jul

It isn’t easy to be vintage glamourous at all times. Whilst Miss Kitty has a luxurious mane of natural curls which can’t help but look retro, Miss Wanda is growing out a twenties bob which is looking decidedly inbetween at present. Neither of us has heaps of spare time to devote to grooming, although after a month of concentrating hard on her pedicure Miss Wanda has gorgeous summer ready feet (if only they weren’t permanently stuck in a pair of wellingtons lately). So we have decided to do some research into the glamour hints and tips of yesteryear and share our findings with you, dear readers.

So experiment one: Marilyn Monroe’s wiggle. Just how did she get such a precariously sexy wiggle that causes Jack Lemmon’s character, Jerry, in Some like it hot to proclaim “Look how she moves; like jello on springs. She must have some kind of built in motor or something”? Well it’s well known that Marilyn sent one of each pair of her shoes to the cobbler to have the heel lowered by up to an inch, thus setting her off balance – causing her to wiggle shamelessly. We decided to put it to the test.

Step 1. We bought a couple of pairs of shoes from a charity shop – Wanda’s a pair of 80s, jade green, silk courts and Kitty’s a pair of white leather 50s style peep toes.

Step 2. Find a traditional cobbler who lowers heels. We used Robbies at York Place in Edinburgh who have a sign in the window announcing “We lower heels” so we were off to a good start! They were slightly bemused as to why the earth we only wanted one heel each lowered but they went along with it and were very helpful – advising how much could be shaved off without ruining the shoe (only 1/2″ for ours!) Best of all it only cost £3.

Step 3. Accessorise with adorable outfits…we went nautical, both in sailor style dresses with ankle socks for Wanda and a red, white and blue hat each.

Step 4. Early evening wine with Rowan Joy. We met her at an Old Town pub which required us to walk up hill – very tricky, definitely a hobble rather than a wiggle – and then down a steep hill – quite a pleasant rising trot, we just needed a coconut shell to add some clip clops! We were feeling faintly demented rather than fabulously sexy by the time we got to the pub but we fared better in the bar. The wibbly wobbly heels force one to stand in an exaggerated, sexy way and it actually felt very glamourous! We had a great time and were approached by a group of French chaps who asked if they would see us there again the next evening! We call that a result!

In conclusion: At times we were a bit more hop-along Cassidy than Sugar Cane and it was far easier walking on flat, smooth stretches of street rather than steep inclines and the dreaded cobbles, but it made us think about our posture and the way we walked and gave us a great laugh and an ego boost. We’d recommend it when planning to wear a deadly sexy wiggle dress (but not planning to totter very far at all)

Got a retro beauty or glamour tip you’d like us to try out – let us know! We’re off to pop a couple of slices of cucumber on our peepers…

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