Thank you, Katia!

13 Sep

A very young Bette

Thanks to the tail end of hurricane Katia whipping our shores, it was far too blustery to venture far today so we decided to watch a fabulous black & white movie this afternoon (for research purposes of course!)  We ended up watching the Bette Davis classic “The Letter” and what a corker it is!  Leslie Crosbie, the wife of a rubber plantation administrator (Bette at her beguiling best) shoots a man to death and claims it was self-defense; but will a letter in her own handwriting prove her undoing? Written by W. Somerset Maugham and co-starring Herbert Marsall, as the doting husband, it is a tense watch and lovely to look at with sparing dialogue – emotion is written large on Leslie’s face and in her fingers as they work away at a piece of lace. Bette Davis is the most stylish prisoner we’ve ever seen and the costumes worn by the sinister Gale Sondergaard, as the exotic wife of the murdered man, are beyond glamourous. The cinematography is stunning, moonlight and shadows are used to great effect. We feel so inspired – expect a black & white photoshoot soon!

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