Slaves to fashion!

2 Oct

We love this dress...

We are most delighted to have been featured in the new issue of Slave – online magazine extrordinaire! They have published the recent Rowan Joy shoot that we colluded on and very pretty it all is too! This was our very favourite dress from the day, made from gorgeous (and very limited) fifties fabric. Rowan teamed it with our new sequinned Sally teardrop hat – this one has a teal underlay which complements the colours in the print. We were holed up one Sunday at the very glam Rutland Hotel, a gorgeous little boutique hotel with extremely friendly and accomodating staff. Misses Kitty, Wanda & Rowan did a lot of reclining on a huge and comfy bed as Roy and Fiona worked their beauty magic on Ashleigh, our model for the day! We were allowed access to all of the unoccupied rooms and have to admit that they are all gorgeous and spacious with jolly good lighting, bathrooms and toiletries – superb for a romantic break in Edinburgh!

...this tweed coat...

We also loved this short, tweed coat – glam with a sparkly hat but would also work a treat with a little Harris tweed number! It has been so warm of late we are thoroughly confused as to what to wear, it is nice to be able to wear our pretty frocks again before winter bites but find ourselves looking forward to wrapping up in cosy knits, smart boots and perhaps a little faux fur (we do love a cheating cheetah!)

...and these BeBaroque tights...gorgeous!

Any hoo…do have a flick through Slave, one of the best online fashion mags around, it includes a round up of London Fashion Week  featuring our very favourite hoisery brand, BeBaroque (above); as well as some lovely photography and graphic design.

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