9 Oct

Who wouldn't be enchanted by Tara, top Strumpet, in this get up?

Whilst improving our minds, here at Strumpet HQ, this grey old, soggy Sunday we came across a delightful fact about one of our most favourite words that we simply had to share! As you may be aware our raison d’être here at Strumpet is to “bring a little glamour to the modern world” and, lo and behold, the word glamour originated here, in Scotland! Who knew? Well those clever types at the Oxford dictionary did for one, we’ll let them explain:

“origin: early 18th century (originally Scots in the sense ‘enchantment, magic’): alteration of  grammar. Although grammar itself was not used in this sense, the Latin word grammatica (from which it derives) was often used in the Middle Ages to mean ‘scholarship, learning’, including the occult practices popularly associated with learning”

Aha! We’ve long known that dressing in a ladylike manner with good attention to detail can bewitch many a man and are delighted that the word originated here. We don’t think that Scotland is synonymous with the word glamour quite yet (unlike Paris or Rome) but, since we invented it we simply must hold up our end! We endeavour to glamour everyone we come into contact with this week and shall report back! Rollers at the ready…lipstick on standby…get back in the drawer, skinny jeans!

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