Under the influence!

19 Oct


Miss Von Wink realised something terrible about herself today – just how easily influenced she is! Having always loudly proclaimed, “I can’t be hypnotised – I am not at all suggestable!” she is shocked to realise she’s just as much of a dupe as the next gal – when it comes to a decadent fragrance in a pretty bottle she is at the mercy of the (M)ad men! Whilst reading one of our favourite vintage blogs, Diary of a vintage girl, (for research purposes, not skiving off, obviously) Miss Wanda came across a post regarding Penhaligons new Juniper Sling scent and next thing she knew found herself making a huge detour to Edinburgh’s George Street to give it a sniff, fell utterly in love and has added it to her “Dearest Santa, I’ve been awfully good, honest…” list!  The power of advertising indeed!

Meanwhile, we may have been slightly under the influence when we found a hilarious clip on you tube from 1936’s Everything is Rythm but squiffy or sober as a judge, Sky High Honeymoon made us deliriously happy. Starring Harry Roy, his orchestra and his real-life wife, Princess Pearl, the film looks like a gem – a crazy, British, Busby Berkeley style musical – complete with a whole orchestra atop a plane – hurrah! We just love the adorable aviator hat worn by the leading lady – serious inspiration for next years collection!

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