What we hope to find in our stockings!

10 Nov

Initialled please, Santa!

Since it’s almost the season to be jolly, we thought we’d make a few suggestions as to what refined ladies might wish to find under the tree or in their stocking this Christmas (other than a gorgeous little Strumpet accessory of course!). This week, we would like to suggest a Ladydate by Letts, as they say themselves:

“What can you say about the Letts Ladydate? The Ladydate has been a phenomenally popular diary year after year. There’s no mistaking the gold grained cover and gilt edges; this mini pocket diary is the perfect accompaniment to the socialite with the busy schedule. The Letts Ladydate Mini Pocket incorporates a handy pencil for making notes of those last minute diary changes. The Week to View layout lets you keep up to date with upcoming appointments, while the inclusion of the Forward Year Planner means you’ll always be able to keep on top of those further off dates. With plenty of room for Addresses & Telephone numbers, it’s no wonder the Ladydate has been a Letts institution for years.”

We wholeheartedly agree! The slim little diary comes in gold with a sweet little pencil and costs a mere £6.99! We suggest you go the whole hog and have it initialled for your lady friend for an extra £3.50. We reckon that’s a very classy gift for just over £10.

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