Happy New Year!

3 Jan

Wanda, Roy & Kitty this Hogmany!

Wow…2012 already! Our hogmany was very happy indeed – a fantastic Dynasty themed party at Miss Kitty’s house full of peplums, shoulder pads and glitzy clip on earrings – we had a ball! So now we are all full of great ideas, good intentions and a couple of  Strumpety resolutions. Firstly, to be more glamourous on a daily basis! We both wore fake nails to the party – kitty a set of long, burgandy talons by Cosmopolitan (inspired by Alexis Carrington) and Wanda a natural french manicure by Elegant Touch (ala the all American goody two shoes Krystal) – they were plastic fantastic but looked amazing! We felt like instantly groomed glamour pusses so nice nails are now an essential and we’ll be pouncing on any groupon manicure offers! We also endeavour to have lovely locks – every day. Wanda was stunned recently when she realised how beautiful her hair is when she actually blow drys it properly rather than half-heartedly (Kitty is blessed with fabulous naturally curly hair – lucky thing!) and if it is a bad hair day…well, a natty turban will do the trick!

Our second resolution is to organise more vintage themed happenings with our pals! We loved Eurovision, our evening at the seaside, our silly wiggle experiment and our Hogmany soiree but we did intend to do many more fun things whilst dressed in fabulous clothes so we’ll make that a 2012 priority!

It's gorgeous, but, so last year!

Lastly we resolve to design lots of new hats, collars and other beautiful things this year. We have some wonderful ideas and some great inspiration to draw on so watch this space!

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