We have been lazy & we apologise!

16 Apr

Dear readers, we have realised that we have failed to post anything for a whole month and a half – oh the shame! I think we have been lulled into a false sense of security by facebook and had no idea we’d let the blog slide. Facebook is so quick and easy whereas we actually must engage our brains to write a blog post. Anyhoo…here’s what we’ve been up to since last we spoke!

We are just loving this little peplum skirt!

We have been busy working our little fingers to the bone of late. We colluded with RowanJoy and sneeked a couple of hats into the photoshoot for her latest collection – utterly amazing outfits from her this spring!

We had a meeting with Emma, pin-up queen bee at Miss Dixiebelle boutique and are delighted to report that she will be stocking our wears from the beginning of May. It is such a gorgeous shop and has a beauty parlour in the basement…need we say more regarding how excited we are?

We'd love to find some groovy boomerang bark cloth!

We have become obsessed with finding more truly & fabulously vintage fabrics and have become obsessed with bark cloth! We will be listing lots of new things in our shop very soon because tweed+barkcloth=extreme gorgeousness!

We are taking part in a charity fashion show this Friday in aid of the Sick Kids. It’s set to be a glamorous day out at the Balmoral Hotel with a sumptuous lunch and models circulating in beautiful vintage inspired attire! We are collaborating with RowanJoy again and making some pretty hats to complement her adorable dresses and playsuits.

A pretty posey by Sparrow & Rose

Ring from the Lucky Bitches range...love it!

We attended the GWC vintage wedding fair on Sunday and enjoyed meeting all you west coast brides to be. Our stand was next to the lovely Janet from Rene Walrus – she had so much sparkle on her table…everything handmade from gorgeous Swarowski crystals and pearls – we managed to sneak in a bottle of prosecco and much fun was had by us all! Other highlights for us were, again, the artistic floristry of Sparrow & Rose – so wild and beautiful – and Euan McWhirter’s glorious cocktail rings and beaded bangles…we’ve already got them on our Christmas lists (rather premature of us, we know)! At the fair, surrounded by all the lovely cakes and flowers and dresses and musing as to how we could get ourselves invited to more weddings we came up with a marvellous idea…

We’d love to hire ourselves out as wedding hype girls! It’s awful at a wedding when the dancefloor is empty and nobody wants to be the first on the floor, or when the reception is a ceilidh and another two dancers are needed to make up a set for an eightsome reel…call on us! We’ll circulate, mingle, and dance until dawn dressed in immaculate vintage dresses and perfect tiny hats! Here is a video of our favourite hype girl, Rosie,  abley assisting her cousin Sophia Grace with her singing endeavours!

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